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Basic Cardiac Life Support
CPR Training Programs

The following BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) programs are made available by the Emergency Cardiac Care Program at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada:

HeartSaver ( A ) Course

Adult CPR
Adult Choking
Barrier Device/Pocket Mask
AED Introduction

Child and/or Infant CRP (1 rescuer)
Child/Infant Choking

Health Care Provider - HCP ( C ) Course

Adult/Child & Infant CPR
Adult/Child & Infant Choking
2 Rescuer Adult/Child & Infant CPR
Barrier Device/Pocket Mask & BVM
AED Responder (not under Medical Direction)

CPR Training Program Requirements:

  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is the leading authority on Heart Disease and Stroke and today, is responsible for establishing and maintaining the guidelines for ECC (Emergency Cardiac Care) in Canada. This is done in consultation with national experts and organizations with a role in ECC. As a result, all BLS (Basic Life Support)/CPR education taught by ADET strictly follows the HSFC ECC guidelines.

  • CPR programs must be taught by current and qualified CPR Instructors or Instructor-Trainers in Emergency Cardiac Care with the HSFC.

  • The above scheduled times are recommended by the HSFC for their CPR Training Programs and should be adhered to.

  • CPR Training mannequins must be cleaned and disinfected before, during and after each CPR program. This is the responsibility of the Instructor or Instructor-Trainer and is a requirement by law.

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