Junior Emergency Response ®

ADET has successfully trained hundreds of students in J.E.R. program, offering this program to grades one through six as an opportunity to educate our children on what to do during a real emergency! The success of the J.E.R. pilot project has prompted us to pass along our invitation to you.

The purpose and idea behind the creation of the Junior Emergency Response® program was two-fold; (1) to directly teach children the required skills and knowledge in dealing with common emergency situations and the procedures for these and (2) though indirectly, the J.E.R. allows us to educate the parents of these children, many of whom possess very little education in the area of first aid and the prevention of household emergencies. Working extremely close with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, we also provide information on Canada's number killer … Heart Disease and Stroke! This allows us to accomplish two important goals: * educate children in the initial aspects in becoming a First Responder and * educating the KAR, known to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario as the "Knowingly At Risk".

Our staff volunteer their time and professional expertise to deliver an outstanding session. The cost for this program is minimal, as we charge per child cost to cover our materials. An excellent selection of Emergency Crossword Puzzles, a full coloured Junior Emergency Response® Newsletter and information on the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Heart Attack and Stroke, is passed along to each child.

We truly believe in this program and hope you, your staff or your school can help us support the need for this training! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or if you require any references for our work at (905) 967-0911 or email us at info@adet.org. We look forward to have an opportunity in offering the Junior Emergency Response® to your children.

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