First Response
Standard First Aid Certificate

This in-depth program is a two day working session which includes the course content from the Emergency First Aid Program and deals with potentially life-threatening situations as well as Secondary Victim Assessments. The Standard First Aid program, advanced in its' elective topics, allows candidates the option to customize their program to fulfil the needs of the group, workplace, job related experience or personal interest. As with Emergency First Aid, the Heart Saver CPR course is also included in the Standard First Aid Program.

Such elective topics can include:

Musculoskeletal Injuries (broken bones)
Medical Conditions (diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, anaphylaxis)
Head Trauma
Oxygen Supplementation (workplace specific)
Heat Induced Emergencies (heat exhaustion & heat stroke)
Multiple Injury Management (Triage & Assessments)
Extremity Injuries (hands, feet)
Rescue Carries
Infant/Child Resuscitation (CPR)
S.C.U.B.A. Related Injuries
Aquatic Emergency Care Emergencies
Chest, Pelvic, & Abdominal Injuries
Respiratory Emergencies (asthma, emphyzema, hyperventilation)
Facial Injuries (eye, ear, nose & mouth)
Spinal Trauma & Immobilization
Emergency Child Birth
Defibrillation (information session)
Environmental Illnesses & Injuries.

Once again, the principles of adult education through our practical advance, creates the ability for each learner to improvise quickly, through understanding the basics of managing an emergency situation.

Time required:
13 hours (minimum)

Standard First Aid includes: All required & necessary course materials, a full colour First Response First Aid Reference Manual and Heart Saver course guide in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), which teaches recognition and reaction to emergency situations. These manuals are written for easy understanding and review, including information about skills performance guidelines for CPR and first response, heart health information, heart health tips, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, safety tips to prevent injuries, disease transmission and a variety of emergency situations. Poison information, Emergency Medical Services Information, a single *Resuscitation Barrier Device, and certification cards required for each program are also received post program.

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